A Utah Valley University delegation was among several U.S. institutions that recently presented at and contributed to the agenda of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development during the delegation’s visit June 18-21 to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The following video introduced the UVU Delegation:

High School Essay Contest 2013









Call for Papers 

The Third Essay Competition and Workshop for High School Students in the State of Utah

 As the United Nations has designated 2013 as the International Year of Water Cooperation, the aim of the third UIMF essay competition and workshop is to reach out Utah high school students, inform them of the need for communities around the globe to cooperate with respect to water resources, and suggest how they might become part of the global mountain community, working on water issues under the umbrella of the UN-sponsored agenda of sustainable mountain development.Event: Third Essay Competition and Workshop for high school student in the state of Utah

Topic: Water Sustainability, Cooperation & Accessibility

Organizers: Utah International Mountain Forum (UIMF), Utah Valley University.

Date: Friday March 22, 2013,

Time: 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM,

Place: TBA

Topics for student essays might include any or a combination of the following:

  • The key role of mountains on water sustainability.
  • How to achieve water cooperation among the states.
  • The impact of climate change on water.
  • The role of water in conflict.
  • Water as a basic human right.
  • Threats to the world’s water.
  • Water efficiency and conservation.
  • The globalization and privatization of water.
  • Other points of investigation related to the main topic.

Essay guidelines:

  • 5-7 pages in length, double spaced.
  • Name, Last name, School, and title centered
  • Font: Times New Roman, 12
  • Word document with 1-inch margins.
  • Include page numbers and bibliography.
  • Should include a variety of references (books, journal articles, with a limit of five online resources; Wikipedia does not count!)
  • All essays if possible, should try comparing the topic in relation to the water problem in Utah.

Presentation guidelines:

  • Have to be in PowerPoint or any program similar to it
  • Presentation has to be e-mail with 5 week of anticipation to the committee in order to be taken into consideration.
  • It is advice to students to bring a copy as a support, by the time of the conference.
  • Presentation cannot be more than 10 min with a max of 5 min for questions.

A panel of judges will read submissions and select 10 finalists to present their papers at the workshop. The top 5 and winners will be selected after hearing the presentation. A monetary prize plus certificate will be awarded for the top three papers, plus the change of publishing their essays. All participants (schools, professors & students) will be awarded by special certificates of participation on behalf of the United Nations-related Mountain Partnership in Rome, Italy.

Essays must be submitted on or before March 01, 2013. Please submit the essays in electronic form to: uvuessaycontest@gmail.com



For more information please contact us by e-mail or call to:

  • Dr. Keith Snedegar, Deputy Chair  801-863-8847
  • Jesler Molina, Assistant Deputy Chair 801-427-4292.
  • About UIMF see: http://utahimf.org/

United Nations Attends First Model UN Conference

UVU Delegation Participates In First Model U.N. Conference


May 1, 2012
For Immediate Release

University Marketing & Communications: Mike Rigert (801) 863-6807
Written by: Cheryl Kamenski (801) 863-6351

A group of Utah Valley University students from the College of Humanities & Social Sciences comprised the University’s first delegation to participate in the Model United Nations Far West Annual Session, which took place April 20-24 in San Francisco.

The conference simulates the United Nations to provide an environment where students can better understand the structure and procedures of the organization.

To be eligible to serve on the UVU delegation, students were required to take a Model United Nations class taught by Geoffrey Cockerham, UVU History & Political Science assistant professor, during fall semester last year. The students then submitted an application for the seven available positions.

“The College of Humanities & Social Sciences is committed to providing engaged learning opportunities for our students. We are immensely proud of Dr. Cockerham and his team of students,” said Frederick H. White, associate dean of the college. “Their effort in applying what they have learned in the classroom for a professional conference is indicative of the practical, academic activities taking place at UVU every day.”

Each participating school represents a country or member state. UVU was assigned to represent France. Delegations are required to submit a country profile, policy papers and resolutions prior to the conference.

Due to the overall quality of the documents the students submitted, the UVU delegation was one of four countries, along with Ecuador (Miriam College, Quezon City, Philippines), Cambodia (Metropolitan State College, Denver) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (San Jose State University), asked to address the opening plenary session. The delegation selected student Paulo Macote Ambrozio to deliver the speech.

“What makes this particularly amazing is that our team did so well at our first Model United Nations competition,” said White. “I think this illustrates the commitment of our faculty, staff and students in the educational process.”

The UVU representatives also received a meritorious delegation award for its overall performance. Other members of the UVU team included Jesler Molina, Mara Orchard, Robert McMurray, Jordan Greene, Mary Shurtz and Richard Portwood.

The conference included colleges and universities in the western United States in addition to schools from Ohio, Indiana and Illinois as well as two from the Philippines. Overall, there were 90 delegations, 35 colleges and universities and approximately 500 students that participated.

To prepare for the event, which this year focused on “Cutting the Gordian Knot: Addressing the International Community’s Greatest Problems in the Twenty-First Century,” the students studied United Nations operating procedures, the issues on the agenda, the position of their assigned country on those issues and the relationship of their country to others in the region.

During the session, participants had to adhere to rules of procedure, negotiate with other delegates and attend caucuses. In addition, they were required to produce policy statements and at least one resolution regarding an issue in their committee.


UVU Model U.N. delegation, (l-r): Paulo Macote Amrozio, Mara Orchard, Robert McMurray, Jesler Molina, Richard Portwood, Mary Shurtz and Jordan Greene.

2nd Annual Utah High School Essay Contest Report

On March 30, 2012, The Utah International Mountain Forum (UIMF) held at the Orem Public Library, the Second Annual Utah High School Workshop and Essay Contest on the topic of the “Sustainable Energy for Mountain Communities”, in support of the United Nations initiative to declare 2012 as the “International Year of Sustainable Energy for All.” This event was co-sponsored by the Utah Valley University’s History & Political Science Department and the Aspen International Mountain Foundation (AIMF).

President of UIMF visits the United Nations and the State Department

In preparations for the Utah Valley University and Utah International Mountain Forum (UIMF) participation at the United Nations RIO+20 conference on sustainable development On June 20-22, 2012, and co-hosting the Conference on women’s issues, sustainability, and conflict in the Andean region in Puno, Peru, the President of the UIMF John McClure visited the United Nations headquarters in New York and the State Department in Washington D.C. on March 5, 2012.


Ubuntu and Sustainable Development in Africa

Event: Ubuntu and Sustainable Development in Africa

Topic: Sustainable Development and Women Empowerment in Africa

Organizers: UIMF, UVU, SMD Club

Date: Thursday April 12, 2012

Place: LI120

10:00- 10:05: Welcome Speech: Dr. David Connelly

10:05-10:15: Introduction of Conference and Guest Speakers

for 10 o’clock hour : Brandon Merrill

10:15- 11:00: Presentations from Robert Workman (and Ann Merrill?)

11:00- 11:15: Q&A

11:15-11:30: BREAK

11:30- 11-40: Welcome Speech and Introduction of Guest Speakers for 11 o’clock

hour: John McClure

11:40-12:20: Jesse Gray and Elise; Help International “Proud to be a girl”

12:20-12:30: Q&A

12:30- 12:40: Remarks by (TBA)

12:40- 12:45: Closing words by Dr. Keith Snedegar

A Coalition of UVU Clubs