UVU Foreign Affairs Club Announces Leadership


Never before has the future looked so bright for the the UVU Foreign Affairs Club.  The meetings have been growing, the interest has been swelling, and the spirit of solidarity has permeated through your participation so far this year.  Due to this, we have made a determination to ensure that the leadership structure is formed in such a way so that leadership and responsibilities are handled horizontally–an unprecedented step in club history.  As students not only aspiring to work globally, we also feel that the collective efforts we have made to institutionalize a culture of inclusion, stewardship, and friendliness will make our club a inspiring model for others to follow. I am proud to announce the incoming officers for the year 2012-2013!

Executive Council of the UVU Foreign Affairs Club

Club Advisor: Dr. Baktybek D. Abdrisaev,

Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic to the United States and Canada (1997-2005)

The Office of Public Affairs
Public Relations Officer : Jordan Giles
Handle all university-external communications
Prepare posters
Maintain the web site
Publish articles
Post biographies of club members on the website.

The Office of Cultural Affairs
Chief of Cultural Affairs: Eric Gee
Cultural Affairs Officer: Melanie Woodbury
Recording the events (Photos, videos, etc.)
Write short articles/blog posts on the events of the club.
Assist the office Public Affairs with content

The Office of Finance
Finance Officer: Devin Gleason
Treasurer/Finance Coordinator
Look over the budgeting and budget requests
Assist with funding and fundraising

Provide financial reports to the club on its finances
Work with logistics to ensure money allocations are made

The Office of Humanitarian Affairs
Humanitarian Officer: Jodi Baron
Prepare service activities for the club during the year (at least two)
Involve members of the club in the activity
Assist recruitment in their efforts to involve members.

The Office for Recruitment
Chief of Recruitment: Brennan Sidwell

Recruitment Officer: Marie Poudiougou
Recruitment Coordinator will Work with External Communication to spread information on the club
Be in charge during Club Rush and Membership drives
Try to find ways to recruit more students (freshmen)
The Office of Logistics
Logistics Officer: Cory Hudgens
Scheduling rooms for meetings.
Making sure materials necessary for the club are available

Working alongside Protocol officers to ensure standards are being meet

The Office of the Secretariat
Secretary: Gina Spurlock
Initiate leadership meetings
Maintain internal communications of the council
Help assign presiding roles every week to different officers.
Be the club representative to UVU Clubs

Chief of Protocol: Chis Whitehead
Protocol Officer: Andrew Jones
sending messages to dignitaries and maintaining contact, The goal of a protocol officer is to ensure that all rules of conduct in a situation are observed, and that all guests at an event are comfortable and well cared-for.
The officer must work closely with advisor to ensure diplomatic standards are meet for club meetings and visits.