UVUSA Leaders Meet UNWomen and State Department Representatives


Tyler Brklacich and Caleb Tippetts, President and Vice President of Utah Valley University Student Association visited Washington D.C. and New York City in order to meet and officially invite representatives of the State Department and the UNWomen to participate at the Fourth International Women of the Mountains Conference, which UVU students will host on October 7-9, 2015 in Orem, UT.

It was a follow up to the visit of Utah International Mountain Forum (UIMF) members in February 2015 and meetings in Washington D.C.

In Washington, D.C. they met and presented official invitation letters to Mr. Scott Driskel, desk officer for Kyrgyzstan at Office of Central Asian Affairs and Ms. Irene Marr, Office of Global Women’s Issues on March 16, 2015. State Department representative participated at the activities of the first International Women of the Mountains Conference in 2007 and it was important for UVU students to invite them to come back to Utah this coming fall and contribute to the success of the gathering.

sd1 (L to R) Tyler Brklacich and Caleb Tippetts with Ms. Ms. Kristin Hetle, Director of Strategic Partnerships for UN Women

They also visited the United Nations headquarters in New York City on March 20, 2015 in order to present an original invitation letter to Ms. Ms. Lakshmi Puri, Deputy Executive Director of the UNWomen. Due to a busy schedule of Ms. Lakshmi, leaders of USUSA were able to meet Ms. Kristin Hetle, Director of Strategic Partnerships for UN Women and ask her to transfer original letter to the UNWomen leader.

Tyler and Caleb invited also Ms. Hetle and her team to the Women of the Mountain’s conference as well with positive outlook that they may be able to attend.

Whole trip was an amazing opportunity to be able to speak to these high ranking individuals whom are doing so much for women’s rights both in the United States and throughout the globe. It was possible thanks to the long-term efforts at UVU to advocate sustainable mountain development agenda of the United Nations including gender agenda as well as a practical example of embracing the vision of Utah Valley University of engaged learning locally, regionally and globally.

Deann Torsak, VP of the UIMF and Jesler Molina, President, UIMF  


Tyler Brklacich ( R) with State Department Representatives


Caleb Tippetts ( R ) with State Department Representatives