UIMF Congratulates Dr. Butler With Russian Award

 UIMF Congratulates Dr. Butler With Russian Award

Dr. Rusty Butler, Associate VP for International Affairs and Diplomacy and focal point for the Mountain Partnership at UVU was awarded by the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS) with an Academician Vernadsky medal. As a foreign member of the RANS since 2007 Dr. Butler contributed to the exchanges between UVU and RANS and joint promotion of technologies and innovations from both sides. One of the important priorities in cooperation between UVU and RANS is joint activities in the area of sustainable mountain development. UVU students also appreciate efforts of Dr. Butler in engagement them in international and diplomatic activities and through the United Nations in particular. UIMF congratulates Dr. Butler with his new achievement.

14-09-04-RANS award silver medal & diploma 2

“First Vice-President-Secretary General of RANS Dr. Lida Ivanitskaya presents a silver medal of Academician Vernadsky to Dr. Rusty Butler”

14-09-02-Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

A copy of the Diploma about awarding Dr. Rusty Butler by the silver medal of the Academician Vernadsky from the Russian academy of Natural Sciences

“Press-Release” http://blogs.uvu.edu/newsroom/2014/09/10/representatives-from-uvu-and-russian-academy-of-natural-sciences-discuss-partnership-ways-to-strengthen-exchange-of-research/#more-5309