Orem Rotary Provides Coats for Elementary Schools in Orem

Orem Rotary President Dean Robinson and Rotary member Lynn Hillstead deliver coats to Noah Webster Academy

During the first two weeks of December 2020, members of the Orem Rotary contributed to the traditional Coats for Kids initiative. Coats for Kids is a service project which provides new coats to elementary school children whose families do not have the financial means to provide them. Orem Rotary has been heading local efforts in this program since 2012. Since 2012, the amount of coats donated has increased. Below is data since the inception of the initiative.

2012  – 37 coats and 3 schools

2013 – 126 coats and 9 schools

2014 – 125 coats and 7 schools

2015 – 176 coats and 7 schools

2016 – 177 coats and 7 schools

2017 – 221 coats and 7 schools

2018 – 174 coats and 6 schools

2019 – 142 coats and 4 schools

2020 – 153 coats and 7 schools

            Orem Rotary members raised $3,500 which was enough to purchase 153 coats to meet the needs of 7 elementary schools in the Orem area. Members delivered 70 coats to Noah Webster Academy, 16 coats to Westmore Elementary, 17 coats to Windsor Elementary, 10 coats to Geneva Elementary, 13 coats to Cherry Hill Elementary, 7 coats to Northridge Elementary, and 20 coats to Sharon Elementary. Due to the restrictions related to COVID-19, Rotarians met with the principals of schools, and were touched by the gratitude expressed.

Orem Rotary Member Natalie Okeson delivers coats to Cherry Hill Elementary School

As continued involvement and partnership of the Orem Rotary with the Utah Valley University (UVU), several members of the UVU Rotaract participated in this initiative. Rotaract is a student club representing Rotary International.

Orem Rotary members with UVU Rotaractors present coats to the principal of the Westmore Elementary School in Orem  

Utah Valley University (UVU) Rotaract President Yana Andersen and President of the Utah International Mountain Forum (UIMF), a coalition of student clubs at UVU Sam Elzinga with Orem Rotary member Cholpon Akmatalieva and UVU Rotaract advisor Baktybek Abdrisaev   delivered 16 coats to the Westmore Elementary School and 17 coats to the Windsor Elementary School.

Coats being sorted prior to delivery

Each school emphasized the need that Orem Rotary fulfills through these important and timely donations. This was also a great and important opportunity for UVU Rotaract to contribute to one of the service projects of the Orem Rotary. Orem Rotary plans to have one such service project every month, which would be a worthy endeavor for Rotaractors to support. 

Yana Andersen, UVU Rotaract President