Russian Club


A Brief History of the Russian Club:

The Russian club has been on UVU campus for a few years now. We’ve had many Borscht nights, Movie nights and a couple of New Years and Easter celebrations. The purpose of the club is to have an opportunity to meet with other people that share our enthusiasm for the Slavic cultures and learn more about the countires and their languages.

Our Membership:

Andrey Pearce,   Ben Higgings,   Brandon Warner,   Dallin Wright,

Daniel Natter,   Dayna Skinner,   Derek Jonovich,   Devin Vogelsberg

Dinar Kukakau,   Drew Swainston,   Hailey Young,   Jake Ledoux,

Jeremy Duck,   Josh Chevrier,   Kyle Evanko,   Maria Popyrina,

Sam Olsen   Sierra Wilson   Taylor Halladay   Timothy Rowberry

Tyler Call.

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