Biography: Munkhbat Batmunkh

munhbatMunkhbat Batmunkh is a student of Utah Valley University (UVU), and working towards his B.A. on Political Science/Public Law degree. In 2015 Munkhbat has completed his internship as a task force specialist at the Mongolian Parliament’s Standing Committee on State Structure. As an intern, Munkhbat contributed to the comparative studies of law drafts, assisted with bill inquiries and combined contradiction of principles and translations. Recently Munkhbat has contributed his assistance to the Fourth Congressional District of Utah’s Colleges Exit Poll 2016, as a field researcher.
Munkhbat is also an active member of the Utah International Mountain Forum (UIMF) and a Vice President and an Attache of the Foreign Affairs Club of UVU. As a Vice President and an Attache of the Foreign Affairs Club, he has been responsible for the outreach of the club activities and managing the web-site since 2015. His focus is to contribute more to the Foreign Affairs Club and UIMF to keep the students engaged, and academic learning experience to the next generation to aspire the future diplomats with a focus on sustainable mountain development in particular. That way the next generation would build up more confidence and professionalism when they graduate from school.

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