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UIMF hosts the 5th International Mountain Day Celebration at UVU

Utah Valley University (UVU) will celebrate International Mountain Day (IMD) as declared by the United Nations on December 5, 2014. This will be the fifth celebration of International Mountain Day at UVU. As a part of the established tradition, Utah International Mountain Forum, a coalition of student clubs at UVU will host the event.

The IMD celebration is an effort to further the agenda of the UN to create new ways for mountainous regions to develop around the world while still considering sustainability. The theme this year is family farming and Utah in particular has much to offer relative to this topic in mountainous regions.

More specifically Utah International Mountain Forum is interested in involving the community in efforts to further the UN agenda. This celebration will be an effort to pursue that goal. This event will allow scholars and community members to present their research and efforts to sustainably develop the region. Other international mountainous regions will be able to learn from the developments in Utah and surrounding states.

The event will take place at UVU library auditorium, LI120

10:00 Opening Remarks by Rusty Butler
10:10 UIMF video presentation
10:30 Greetings from Mountain Partnership members and Future Farmers of America
11:00 Essay Readings of 2014 UIMF Essay Contest winners
11:30 Inauguration of the Women of the Mountains Organizing Committee
12:00 Refreshments
1:00 Dr. Michael Minch, Presentation on The Sustainable Mountain Development and Conflict Transformation Global Database
2:00 Panel of Regional Scholars on Family Farming
5:00 Final Remarks from Chris Wiltsie, President of the Sustainable Mountain Development club at UVU