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Ubuntu and Sustainable Development in Africa

Event: Ubuntu and Sustainable Development in Africa

Topic: Sustainable Development and Women Empowerment in Africa

Organizers: UIMF, UVU, SMD Club

Date: Thursday April 12, 2012

Place: LI120

10:00- 10:05: Welcome Speech: Dr. David Connelly

10:05-10:15: Introduction of Conference and Guest Speakers

for 10 o’clock hour : Brandon Merrill

10:15- 11:00: Presentations from Robert Workman (and Ann Merrill?)

11:00- 11:15: Q&A

11:15-11:30: BREAK

11:30- 11-40: Welcome Speech and Introduction of Guest Speakers for 11 o’clock

hour: John McClure

11:40-12:20: Jesse Gray and Elise; Help International “Proud to be a girl”

12:20-12:30: Q&A

12:30- 12:40: Remarks by (TBA)

12:40- 12:45: Closing words by Dr. Keith Snedegar