UIMF club coalition promotes itself at the bi-annual UVU Club Rush

Members of the Foreign Affairs club, the Sustainable Mountain Development club, and the Utah International Mountain Forum (UIMF) joined forces at the bi-annual Club Rush at Utah Valley University (UVU) from September 11-12 to advocate for their respective issues to the student body and attract participation. Club members discussed mountainous environmental issues and the UIMF’s development programs with interested students. Many students showed interest, requested to be contacted with further information, and agreed to attend future meetings. The UIMF coalition aims to increase their membership and involvement through these recruitment efforts. The UIMF also met with representatives from other clubs, such as the Science Association of Women and the UVU Multicultural Club, and discussed potential projects for future collaboration. Despite the light rain during the outdoor event, it was perceived that the UVU students enjoyed the event greatly. UIMF members are honored to have participated in the event.