IMD 2012 Press Release and Follow-up


The Utah International Mountain Forum, (UIMF) a coalition of student clubs on the campus of Utah Valley University (UVU) in Utah, USA, member of the Mountain Partnership since 2006, sponsored their third annual International Mountain Day Celebration on December 7, 2012 in which the contributions in promoting the sustainable mountain agenda of the United Nations during 2012 for both UIMF and other Utah Mountain Partnership members were recognized. UVU students, and faculty during this successful event were able to recognize those members of the community, who contributed to the United Nations RIO+20 conference by; raising funds and sending a Utah delegation to Brazil, organizing the third international Women of the Mountains conference in Puno, Peru as a preparatory event for RIO+20 on June, 13-14, 2012, contributing research to the Reports on SMD on North America for RIO+20 summit, and making other efforts with the aim to advocate the SMD-agenda both in the region and globally.

The celebration was attended by nearly 100 members of the community and a variety of local government leaders with involvement of such MP members from Utah as Gruppman International Music Institute, Hope International, Orem City, Provo City, Utah Valley University, and Utah-Russia-Institute.


Center: Conference Audience

 As part of the IMD celebration, UIMF sponsored a silent auction to raise funds for TIFIE’s “Light a Village Project”  in which they were able to raise over $2500 for the cause. The funds were raised by auctioning off products and services that were donated by the local community and will be used to help fund a solar project for mountain villages to provide them with light.

In addition, a delegation from UVU was present and participated in co-organizing two conferences in the country of Kyrgyzstan to the 10th Anniversary of the International Year of Mountains, International Mountain Day, and as a follow-up event to RIO+20 conference. UVU contributed to the agenda of the conference on “Conflict and Peace in the Mountains” on December 8, 2012 in Osh City, and through the efforts of two students from UIMF co-hosted a round table, “Youth and SMD” on December 8, 2012 in Bishkek.


UVU delegation during round table on Rocky Mountains-Central Asian

 cooperation in Bishkek, on December 10, 2012

The end result of these conferences was a greater cohesion with our local and international networks, outreach to the youth in Utah and Kyrgyzstan, including many high school students, and a general accountability to our financiers by demonstrating what we as an institution had accomplished over 2012.

UVU and UIMF are committed to being strong and active members of the Mountain Partnership and a voice for all issues related to sustainable mountain development and other mountain issues in Utah and beyond.

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