UIMF at the Utah Valley University club rush

UIMF members during the club rush at UVU

On January 23rd and 24th, Utah Valley University (UVU) hosted its spring 2019 club rush for its students to learn more about the various clubs on campus. For the many clubs on campus, club rush is an opportunity to recruit new members and to highlight the most exciting aspects of their clubs to prospective members. The Utah International Mountain Forum (UIMF), a coalition of student clubs on campus (www.utahimf.org), took this opportunity to highlight their recent efforts at the United Nations and also to earn extra funds for the club, as clubs who successfully participate in both days of club rush earn an additional 100 dollars.

As the President of both UIMF and the Foreign Affairs Club, I saw this as an excellent opportunity to earn extra money for our clubs while also highlighting and promoting the sustainable mountain development agenda, which is at the core of UIMF’s activities. Tabling, which is sitting with the club table and answering any questions any passerby may have, is essential to a successful club rush, so I ensured the students tabling had a broad knowledge of UIMF initiatives and successes. All club leadership, namely Joseph Lloyd, Mark Driggs, Viktoriia Bakrii, Lacee Meyer, and myself, tabled for at least one 30-minute session each day. We also strongly encouraged every member of the club to participate in club rush if they have been involved in UIMF for at least one semester prior. Not only did the entire club leadership participate in club rush, other members like Megan Davis, Hailee Hodgeson, and Hagen Isaacson also tabled. These students, who have been very active in the club, were key to showing other students the important work club members participate in and the benefits of working with UIMF. The club leadership also provided a unique perspective for many interested students as well.

I felt like club rush was a resounding success. Having participated in club rush for 3 semesters, I finally felt like I knew what would draw students in, how to talk to students who are unsure about joining UIMF, and how to ensure we are properly staffed at the table. This was overall a very productive club rush, and I hope we will continue to set a precedent of good club rushes in the future.

Samuel Elzinga, President, UIMF 


Megan Davis-Promoting Mountain Sustainability with UIMF during the club rush at UVU


Hagen Isaacson-UIMF Participates in Spring club rush at Utah Valley University


Mark Driggs UIMF Participates in UVU club rush


Kyle-Warren-Rotaract at UVU Club-Rush 2019