WorldQuest Competition 2018 at Westminster University

Students at Utah Valley University had the opportunity to participate for the second time in Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy’s (UCCD) WorldQuest Competition at Westminster University in Salt Lake City on April 13, 2018. UCCD is an organization that helps to build ties between citizens in Utah and citizens of the international community by encouraging cooperation and learning about other countries in the international realm of politics. The competition involved several rounds of international questions that involved a variety of topics. Each round was a process of 5 rounds of 10 questions each that involved a different topic on international relations.

Utah Valley University team during the competition at Westminster University

First, the competition was on food security and involved a variety of questions on which nations were prone to security, why food security is an evolving problem, and finally what technologies and organizations have affected food security in the international community. The Organization of American States was the next discussed topic with questions on who was the leader, what countries form part of such organizations, and finally, effects of the policy positions on the organization. The next topic was the topic of great decisions, touching on topics such as policy decisions, world leaders, and major world events. Next, was the section on international trade and finance, which dealt with the variety of international trade relations that determine the current global actors and interactions in the world.

Finally, the last topic was on privacy in the Digital Age, a topic that touched on many of the policy positions of different countries in the Digital Age.

Overall, the competition was exciting and provided an opportunity for UVU students to demonstrate our comprehensive understanding and evaluation of topics on international relations. It was an important example of student engaged learning that promotes learning outside of the classroom. I enjoyed the opportunity to apply many of the topics that I learned in the classes on international relations and sustainable development.

Andrew Jensen, Utah Valley University student



Jessica Jones-WorldQuest Trivia