Raising funds to promote sustainable mountain development

On March 15. 2018, members of the Sustainable Mountain Development (SMD) club, had the opportunity to promote their goals for a campus initiative to decrease emissions in their area. This took place in a traditional setting, where, with permission from the club’s department at the Utah Valley University, they were able to set up a booth where they would be able to meet passing students and university staff.

Sam Elzinga, member, SMD club, during the initiative at UVU

A table was set up, fliers were designed and printed, and a large map of the UTA transit system was set up on an easel. Once everything was set up, those that participated were able to create a dialogue about the campus-wide initiatives and the air quality in the surrounding area. In addition to this, they were also able to talk about big-picture goals that could affect more than just those in the surrounding community.

This was an exciting chance, not only to debut their goals but also an opportunity to share ideas and engage in their goal to make a difference in their community. Such SMD club members as Sam Elzinga and myself took this opportunity to engage with passersby and were able to share their goal of clean air legislation. Goals were not only shared but the desire to be involved was expressed by those that stopped to learn more.

Members found that it was essential to inform the students of, not only the current goals but what SMD has been involved with in the past. Two additional posters that were used during the event showed past involvement with other organizations and events, such as the UN and the “Women of the Mountain” Conference. The latter has been hosted by the Utah International Mountain Forum, a coalition of student clubs at UVU (www.utahimf.org), which included SMD.

The members were able to meet several students and share ideas with each other. They look forward to meeting more students in the coming months.

Damon Ashcraft, Vice President, Sustainable Mountain Development club