Interviewing the Delegates during the Women of the Mountains Conference

During the Women of the Mountains Conference I had the opportunity to film and stand in on the interviews that were conducted for the delegates that were able to attend the conference. Student organizing committee invited me to do that by learning that I have experience of working with video equipment because of my wanting to be involved with this conference and knowing how to use a camera in a professional manner. The conference was held at Utah Valley University campus in Orem UT on October 7-9, 2015. I chatted with many delegates and invitees from around the world. I was also able to work with Jenny Starley, who was a Press-Secretary at student organizing committee of the Conference. She is such a wonderful student and organizer for the conference.

Being able to hear what the delegates and invitees had to say about women rights and sustaining the mountain life was an experience all in itself. These phenomenal delegates spoke brilliantly about these topics. Those delegates from mountainous regions spoke from the heart about how to sustain the mountain life, and every speaker spoke intensely about women’s rights and how far we still have to go. And we do have a long ways to go so women feel comfortable in the work place, so they are treated the same as men.

One interview that stuck out to me was one by Natalie Wright Romeri-Lewis, Senior Project Associate from Brigham Young University. During the interview she held up a map of the world that showed us how confident women are in their daily lives, either in the home or out and about, working, shopping, etc. Nowhere on the map did it show that women were 100% confident about themselves as a whole. There were a few countries on the map that showed women 75%-85% confident, but only a few. Most of the countries showed that women were less than 50% confident in their daily lives.


Jenny Starley, PR and Fundraising interviews Derek Miller,

Executive Director of the Salt Lake City World Trade Center

We still have a long ways to go as a society as a whole, as a world as whole. Women do deserve to be treated as equals as men. We have come a long way, women are now CEO’s, lawyers, judges, prominent people in our society, and we even have a woman running for president of our country. Sadly, there are some people who still treat women less than men. This country has come a long way, this world has come a long way, but there is still a ways to go. Every day we are getting better, and we will continue to get better as well.

This conference presented me with a wonderful opportunity to get to know so many people from around the world and to learn many skills which will help in my future professional life. I hope to use them as I want to become a US senator and help this country move forward, so that we all can be treated equal.

Chase Marstella, UVU Student