Club Rush at UVU


UIMF at the Clubs Rush at UVU

Things have been busy for the UIMF this last month and a half. With the start of the new semester and the re-chartering of clubs for another financial year, the UIMF has been actively engaged in student activities on campus and currently participated in UVU’s annual Club Rush. This activity was a great opportunity for the UIMF and its constituent to promote mountainous causes and awareness.


UIMF Table at the UVU Clubs Rush

Working closely with other clubs (Sustainable Mountain Development, Foreign Affairs, Model UN, etc.) the UIMF was well represented during this event. Also working in concert with the UIMF was the newly re-founded History Department’s History Club which shared their resources with the UIMF coalition during Club Rush.

The UIMF Coalition saw a large share of interest from UVUs student body. With almost 40 signatures, Club Rush provided a positive indicator as to the future of the UIMF and its member clubs.


Linda Munoz, UIMF VP at the Clubs Rush

Club Rush kept the UIMF’s newest Vice-President Linda Munoz busy. Former President of the now defunct Alexander Hamilton Society here on UVU campus Linda Munoz is coming into her position as VP with much experience under her belt and if the last couple of weeks are any indicator she is up to any task.

 Other events that are currently being worked on by the UIMF are the final stages for producing its journal, “Youth in the Mountains”. People can expect a wide range of issues relating to this year’s topic, sustainable family farming.

Henintsoa Rakotoarisaona, member of UIMF